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wabi sabi

November 29, 2011

It’s the dirtiest job in the world. It’s spit up and diapers, throw up & tears. It is lego covered floors & play doh dried in the carpet. There are endless challenges and fears as all of their growing emotions twist & stretch while they change every day into the people they are becoming. Some parts of which are like us, while others seem to come from another planet. Our own childhood memories, good or bad join in at sometimes unpredictable, unknown moments for better or for worse. I know that I am four people’s Mother. I know that I’ve never done this before. I know that I don’t know what I’m doing sometimes, most times, until I figure it out. It never comes out perfect. We always come through.

Please feel welcomed, comforted and supported at Mommy Sabi. This complex web of raising good people is wonderful, powerful stuff and often times I am powerless to do this job how I want to. I do it how it needs to be done, with lots of support, lots of questions, doubts, triumphs and moments that I keep with me forever. These strange little people are daily lessons in imperfection. Thank Goodness.

Here you will find musings on parenting that have been the ‘stand out’ moments in our house.You will also find information about products that have been our family’s ‘must haves’ (like my husbands back-pack, there’s nothing hotter than your partner washing dishes as the baby naps on his back), as well as things we thought we had to have that were total duds. Recipes, haiku, articles, books, find it, share it, pass it on!


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  1. Ken Gordon permalink

    Love the title of your blog, Bonnie. We have a cat named Wabi-Sabi!

    Your pal,

    Ken G.

    • mommy sabi permalink

      A cat named wabi sabi, love it! Thx for checking it out & being the 1st to leave post. Hope you’ll visit more & share some good Dad stuff from your house. Maybe a pic of the cool cat wabi sabi….

  2. Maria permalink

    Thanks for letting me know about your blog! I loved your posts. I laughed and cried.. I’ll stay tuned in! Maria

  3. Robin permalink

    You are an amazing woman…thank you for helping me to remember that I don’t need to take parenting so seriously. It’s most rewarding when you don’t get hung up on the small stuff.

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